If you need some last nails to close the coffin on that Web Of Trust.

What about the lawsuit agains MyWOT? There was an oral hearing in Florida on August, 9th 2011 as Vesa (CEO of WOT) stated in the forum. Since then it has become awfully quite since. My best guess is that it’s not done yet. If there would have been any good news after several years of struggling with it, I am sure that WOT would have issues an according press release or at least they would have dropped a line in the forum or on their blog. Looks to me it’s not all “cake” in the WOT bakery.

Screenshot of mywot.com showing 25.000.000 downloads (not users!)

Did you notice? On their homepage, they state that the WOT add-on has been downloaded around 25.000.000 times. Note that that’s “downloads”, not “active users”… they tend to “forget” to tell you emphasize the difference.

What they forgot to explain is why that number said 12.000.000 last week and now shows 25.000.000 and counting. So after wasting precious 3 years to count those 12.000.000 downloads, they suddenly doubled their downloads in a week? I don’t think so…

Why I personally will never use WOT again and tell everyone to avoid it?

I guess it’s a “TRUST” thing. 😉