Secrets kill the trust at the Web Of Trust.

No matter how “nice” the marketing replies and mywot wiki links read and no matter how often MyWOT employees state “you don’t understand the mywot system” whenever a discussion comes up that might question their “Web Of Trust” system, the facts are different.

There are people that DO understand the system. Those people also see the failures of the “Web Of Trust”, being a Likert-based rating and reputation system with missing distortion control. Today, you’re reading these lines, written by one of those people: me.

I can already imagine what Sami (WOT, look for the avatar showing an owl) would reply. Most probably something that reads like:

“We have implemented solutions to prevent that, but I can’t show them to you because our algorithm is secret.”

Based on my wise presumption about his upcoming (and usual) excuse, I’ll reply to that in advance:

Where is the reputation and trust MyWOT provides related to itself?

Don’t tell me to look at your own, manipulated scorecard. Besides that, I have NEVER seen ANY proof to anything Web Of Trust said. They failed providing proof on their website(s) and they failed to provide proof upon request.

All the secrecy may be cool when you’re working for a governmental intelligence agency, but when it comes to a reputation and trust system like MyWOT, such secrecy merely provides the nails to the coffin.